Saturday, March 8, 2014

Move in day!!

After a long trip (4 hours) we have finally made it to Chicago! We had a fun car ride here! We played tetris with all of our luggage. Sam, Jessica, and I were squeezed in back, Cara, Quinn, and Tyler sat in next row up, Steven, Michelle, and Jenna in the next, Lauren and Allyson in the next, and Tammy navigated while Dr. Blesz drive the 15 passenger van. Everyone slept at least a little, well everyone except Dr. Blesz and Tammy.
Once we got to St. Adalbert's church, we unpacked, took a tour of the church, and half of us went grocery shopping while the other half walked around the neighborhood a bit.
Quinn, Tyler, and Steven made dinner tonight. Those were some really good burgers!
We then departed for the Blue Man Group which was amazing! We all had a blast today! We can't wait to see Dr. Carpenter tomorrow!
As a side note, we are having a little issue with wifi right now so I don't have a lot of pictures to post. As soon as we get that sorted out I'll post more!

Tyler turned on his hotspot and now we can upload more pictures!!! Thank you Tyler!

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