Wednesday, March 12, 2014

St. Pius V Day Two

Yesterday was our second day at St. Pius V and already we are dreading having to leave these wonderful students in a few days!
We spent the morning working in various classrooms which was fun! Elyse and I worked with the resource room teacher. We redid some bulletin boards for her.
After working in the schools in the morning, we all went back for lunch at the rectory. Some of us changed and went to paint the children's center across the street from the school and others went back to the school to help out in office.
After that, we came back and Lauren, Allyson, Elyse and helpers made dinner for everyone. We had four alums from Dominican Volunteers USA. They talked to us about volunteering after we graduate or even while we are student teaching!
The rest of night was spent just relaxing and hanging out with each other.

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